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lettuce is mostly water and if you like eating salad you basically just enjoy eating water. congratulations

I think you confused lettuce with watermelon. Congrats

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plot twist: twenty one pilots and fall out boy drop their new albums on the same day and have a fall tour together 

Shhh don’t get my hopes up I’m still crying about Taylor swift

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i made a thing

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if you’re reading this we’re now in a relationship love you babe

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" I think to myself, OK. I should be able to control myself, right? It’s very simple. I look at that lamp and I know, ok, when I walk out of this room, I’m not supposed to hit that lamp. So I stand up, and I walk out of the room and I don’t hit that lamp. Why can’t I make decisions like that about everything in my life? You know, I’m not going to get angry at… my brother. I want to be the best brother. Don’t you want to be the best brother? Do you think that you’ve been the best brother? Not at all right? It’s like, why can’t I, why can’t I do what I want to do? If I want to be a dad one day, I want to be the best dad. Guess what? I’m not going to be the best dad. And that, that’s messed up. That’s messed up. That means that if I were to take how it is I treat people around me in the same way that I treat a social setting that means that I would stand up right now and kick that lamp over because there’s something wrong. There’s like, something is broken, in this, in the way that we live. There’s proof that there’s an element there that’s not right. Something’s not right. "

- Tyler Joseph (x)

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I’m semiautomatic

…But I’ll live on…


My loves

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Perfection. 😘😍
Torstein 😘

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